50 Charity Concerts: A Milestone

50 Charity Concerts at the Quaker Meeting House in Heswall

17 Apr 2024

This past Sunday, 14th April 2024, within the welcoming walls of the Quaker Meeting House, the Wirral Unitarians celebrated a special occasion—the 50th Charity Classic Concert. Over the years, these gatherings have brought together our community in the spirit of music and philanthropy, raising approximately £15,000 for causes from the Red Cross to Claire House.

The driving force behind these events has been Richard Merritt. His dedication shines through in every aspect—from meticulously crafting the programme and posters to coordinating with the musicians who fill our modest room with their melodies. Richard's own musical contributions have always been a highlight, resonating deeply with those who attend.

The impact of these concerts goes beyond the notes played; they create moments of joy and connection, supporting various charitable causes along the way. We are truly grateful to Richard for his steadfast commitment and enthusiasm. His efforts continue to make a meaningful difference in our community.

Thank you, Richard, for everything. We look forward to many more afternoons of music and togetherness.


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